You Mean More To Me

by: Lionel Richie
INTRO:  [ D(9)--]

[     D  A(/C#) Bm          Bm7/A]
(Oh) You      mean more to me
[     GM7   A              D9-A-D,A]
Than words can ever ever say
[D  A(/C#) Bm      Bm7(/A)  GM7  A]
Just  to  hold your hand to know
[  Asus    A    D9]
 our love will stay
[      Bm    Bm7/A   GM7 F#m7 Em7]
Feel so right you're in my arms,
[ A7sus    F#7-F#aug-F#-]
 my love, tonight
[   D  A(/C#)  Bm          Bm7(/A)]
Oh, you,   you mean more to me
[    GM7]
Than any love
[A        D9-A(/D)-D,A(/D)]
I've ever known
[D   A(/C#),Bm       Bm7(/A) GM7]
And I want to give you all my love,
[A7     D9   Am7(/D),D7,D7sus]
Just you alone.

[GM7                     F#m7]
Oh, you're all my dreams come true,
[C               GM7]
There's so much joy in your eyes
[F#m7   GM7   F#m7]
And now the love you give,
[C     GM7              GM7,F#m7]
You finally made me realize
[ Em7           A--]
 you're all I need.


[  D    A(/C#) Bm           Bm7(/A)]
Oh  you,  you mean more to me
[    GM7     A       D-A(/C#), Bm, Bm7-GM7-A-D9]
Than words can ever say.