You Got It All

by: The Jets
((INTRO:)) [C#-F#m7/C# (4x)]

[C# F#m7/C#              C#]
I, I was a game he would play
He brought the clouds to my
[ Fm7/C]
[F             Bbm]
Then like the way of life
[Fm         F#           Fm, Ebm]
You came my way one night

[ Ebm            D]
 Just one look and I knew
[ EbM7/D]
 You would make everything
[    D]
[ EbM7/D             F#m7/C#]
 Make all the clouds disappear
[ F#         Bm]
 (Put all your fears to rest/
 You're better than all the
[ F#m       G         F#m-Em]
 Who do I love the best

[           A     A/G]
Don't you know, don't you
[  F#m]
[   Bm7         Em   A]
You got it all over him
[Em      G     A]
You got me over him
Honey it's true
[A       A/G    F#m]
There's just you
[    Bm7           Em]
You must have been heaven-
[  A]
[F#(sus)              F#]
Hearing me call you when
[           Bm7-E]
  out on a limb
[    Em                   F#m7]
And you're all that he's not
(and you're all that he's not)
[      G           F#m]
Just look what I got
  (Just look what I got)
[        Em                A]
'Cause you got it all (all)
[       D-EbM7/D - D - EbM7/D]
  over him

[D   EbM7/D                 D]
No, don't let him worry you,
[  EbM7/D                 F#m7/C#]
So once I met you I let go
[F           Bm7]
All you can truly see
[Fm              G       Em]
You're so much more to me

((Repeat REFRAIN moving 1 fret higher))
((Repeat CHORUS moving 1 fret higher))
[     Gm- Cm]
... him
((Repeat CHORUS 2x except first line
moving chords 1 fret higher))
[    Gm]
... him