Woman in Love

by: Barbra Streisand

((INTRO:)) [Dm--BbM7--]

[Dm        Gm         Dm]
Life is a moment in space
[          Gm       BbM7]
When the dream is gone
[         C      F]
it's a lonely place
[Cm                    Bb]
I kiss the morning goodbye
[          Gm]
But down inside you know we
[             A7-]
  never know why

[1st stanza chords]
The road is narrow and long
When eyes meet eyes
And the feeling is strong
[Cm                  F]
I turn away from the wall
     Bb         F]
I stumble and fall
[       Bb         A7-]
But I give you it all

[Dm     A7         Dm]
 I am a woman in love
[       A7        Dm]
   and I'd do anything
[            A7       Dm]
 To get you into my world
[      A7        Dm]
 and hold you within
[         C         Gm]
 It's a right I defend
[                 F]
 over and over again
[  Dm         BbM7-]
 What do I do

[1st stanza chords]
With you eternally mine
In love there is no measure of time
They planned it all at the start
That you and I live in each other's

[2nd stanza chords]
We may be oceans away
You feel my love
I hear what you say
No truth is ever a lie
I stumble and fall
But I give you it all

((Repeat CHORUS 1 except last word))
[        Bb7--]
... do?    Oh

((CHORUS 2:))
[Ebm     Bb7       Ebm]
 I am a woman in love
[            Bb7       Ebm]
   and I'm talkin' to you
[   Bb7           Ebm]
 I know how you feel
[        Bb7       Ebm]
 what a woman can do.
[         C#       Abm]
 It's a right I defend 
[                  Bb7]
   over and over again.

((Repeat CHORUS 1 while fading, moving one fret higher))