Where Are You Now

by: Nazareth

  [F#m-D-E-A, (E/Ab)]

[              A]
Every single day,
[    G]
I think of the times
[     D]
When you were still mine,
[         A]
And I'm blue

[             A]
Got to get away
[        G]
Get you out of my mind
[      D]
I'm caught up in time
[         A]
And I'm blue

[F#m                   B]
I don't miss all the fun
  that we had
[F#m             E]
You're always around me

[F#m   D    E     A, E(/Ab)]
Where are you now?
[F#m  D  E   A E(/Ab)]
I need you now
[F#m     D     E]
If you were around
[          A(E/Ab) F#m]
It would be alright

[              A]
Livin' on my own
[   G]
I know I'm to blame
[      D]
I'm locked in my chains
[              A]
And you're free

[                   A]
Fallin' like a stone.
[     G]
I'm down on the ground
[        D]
I'm tied up and bound
[              A]
And you're free

(Repeat REFRAIN)
(Repeat CHORUS)

((AD LIB:))
  [(Do 1st stanza chords)]

(Repeat REFAIN)
(Repeat CHORUS 2x)