When I Wanted You

by: Barry Manilow

[C(9) hold]
Tho' we're going our separate ways
[CM7 hold]
There can only be brighter days
[Gm7(/C) hold]
'Cause I didn't mean that
[  F hold]
  much to you
[  F Em7 Dm7-     G7(sus)]
  (ooh hoo hoo, ooh)

[C(9) hold]
Work it out, don't lose the fight
[CM7 hold]
You can make it turn out right
[Gm7 (/C) hold]
'Cause you've got the heart to
[  F hold      F   Em7  Dm7-G7(sus)]
  be secure (ooh hoo hoo)

[        C(9)  C      Am(9)  Am]
When I wanted you, I needed you
[      Dm7        C(/E)  FM7]
And I still can't bring myself
[     D7(/F#) G7(sus) G7]
  to say   I'm over you
[       C(9)      C]
When I gave you time to
[      Am(9)    Am]
  make up your mind
[    Dm7]
You turned your back to me
[             G7(sus)]
And now I've got to turn
[      G7-C(9) C-CM7-G7(sus)]
  my back on you

[C(9)                        C]
After all that we've been through
Leaving you is so hard to do
But when I close my eyes I
[        F]
  don't feel the pain
[  F    Em7 Dm7   G7(sus)]
  (ooh hoo hoo, ooh)

[C(9)                         c]
What was wrong and who was right
In the end you see the light
'Cause you think a lot when
[         F]
  you're on your own
[  F    Em7 Dm7  G7(sus) G7]
  (ooh hoo hoo, ahh)

(Repeat 1st 2 full lines of CHORUS)

[ Ab    C#(9)    C#]
When I gave you time to
[       Bbm(9)   Bbm]
  make up your mind
[    Ebm7]
You turned your back on me
[             Ab7(sus)]
And now I'm turning mine
[     Ab7]
  on you

[Ebm7 Fm7 (/F) F#  Eb(/G) Ab7]
  Now   you're on your   own
[              C#M7]
  How does it feel
[Abm7(/C#)          Ebm7]
  To feel the way I used
[        Ab7(sus)]
    to feel

(Repeat CHORUS except last line)

[             A7(sus)]
And now I'm turning mine on you

((CODA:)) (Fade)
[        D(9)]
When I wanted
[   GM7,E7(/Ab), A7(sus)-A7-]