Weekend in New England

by: Barry Manilow

[   C- Dm7/C- Dm7/C- C- ]
[   Em7- Am7- Dm7- G7sus- G7]

[C            Em7]
Last night I waved goodbye
[F            G]
Now it seems years,
[     C          Em7]
I'm back in the city
[      F          G]
Where nothin' is clear,
[    FM7             C/E]
But thoughts of me holdin' you
[Dm7         G7sus pause]
Bringin' us near, and tell me...

[C            Dm7/C]
When will our eyes meet
[C          Dm7/C]
When can I touch you?
[C              Dm7/C      E7/B]
When will this strong yearnin'
[  Am7-D7sus-D7]
[    Dm7         G7]
And when will I hold you
[   C-Dm7/C-C9-C]

[C           Em7]
Time in New England
[F          G]
Took me away,
[C             Em7]
To long rocky beaches
[F               G]
And you by the bay,
[   FM7        C/E]
We started a story
[      Dm7         G7sus pause]
Whose end must now wait,
  and tell me...

(Repeat REFRAIN except last word)
[      C--]

[  C/G            Dm7/G]
I feel the change comin'
[C/G          Dm7/G]
I feel the wind blow
[C/G            Dm7/G]
I feel brave and daring
[Bb               C7]
I feel my blood flow,
[     FM7        C/E]
With you I could bring out
[    Dm7           C     (C7)]
All the love that I have,
[     FM7           C/E]
With you there's a heaven
[    D7            G7sus]
So earth ain't so bad,
  and tell me...

[ C#                 Ebm7/C#]
 When will our eyes meet?
[ C#            Ebm7/C#]
 When can I touch you?
[ C#             Ebm7/C#     F7/G]
 When will this strong yearnin'
[   Bbm7-Eb7sus-Eb7]
[    Ebm7         Ab7sus --hold]
 And when will I hold you...
[    C#/Ab- Ebm7/C#-]
[ C#/Ab- F#M7- Ebm7- C#(9)]