Wake Up To Love

by: Debbie Gibson

((INTRO:)) [D-Em-A- (4x)]

[  D              Em  A]
Weepin' in love, boy can't you
[  D]
  see it?
[ D           G]
When can I fin'lly make you
[   A]
[Bm            Bm+M7/Bb]
I don't know why
[Bm7/A            Bm6/Ab]
You don't even try
[A            G]
I got to know
[Em                 A]
Where to begin to start lovin'

[ (A)              D   G]
 (You've got to) Wake up to
[    A  G]
[ D      G   A    G]
 Can it be any nearer?
[ D     G       A          G]
 When will you see you belong
[       D-G-A-G]
   to me?

[D           Em]
Don't fool around
[              A      D   Em-A]
It's not a laughing matter
[   D                 G]
Oh hoh, You seem to make me
[           A]
  laugh anyway
[Bm              Bm+M7/Bb]
Right from the start
[    Bm7/A      Bm6/Ab]
We never were apart
[A              G]
It was always you and me
[  Em     (A)]

(Repeat CHORUS)

((CHORUS 2:))
[        A      D    G]
 You've got to wake up to
[   A   G]
[ D         G     A   G]
 How come everybody sees it
[ D     G       A   G   A]
 When will you open up your
[   Bm      Em-A]
   eyes, oh.

Just in time
[Em     A     D         Em]
So why don't you answer me
  (Is it me?)
[A   D                 G]
Woh hoh, we've never said
[                A]
  just how it feels
[Bm             Bm+M7/Bb]
Why don't love hit you 
[      Bm7/A   Bm6/Ab]
  between the eyes
[A          G]
The way it hit me so many
[  Em]
Boy, you've got to...

(Repeat CHORUS)

[               Bm]
 You know that I love you and
[   Bm+M7/Bb]
   you love me
[ Bm7/A             Bm6/Ab]
 Why can't you be mine?
[ G             D/F#]
 Now I know why people say
[        Em]
   that love is blind
[        A          B]
 But it sure ain't easy

((AD LIB:))
[ E     A      B        A (5x)]
 (Wake up in love) (2x)
[ E         A   B     A]
 How come ev'rybody sees it?
[ E     A       B    A   B]
 When will you open up your
[   C#m]

(Repeat CHORUS 1 fading using the ff. chords)