by: Lionel Richie

INTRO: [C-CM7pause (2x)]

[C                  CM7]
Girl, tell me only this
[                 Bb7       A7sus A7]
That I have your heart for always
[    Dm                  Dm+M7]
And you want me by your side,
[               Dm7                G7sus  G]
Whispering the words, I'll always love you

[     FM7  Em7]
And forever
[             FM7  Em7]
I will be your lover
[              FM7         Em7]
And I know if you really care
[        Dm7      G7  G]
I will always be there

[C                       CM7]
Now, I need to tell you this,
[                 Bb7       A7sus  A7]
There's no other love like your love
[   Dm               Dm+M7]
And I, as long as I live
[                      Dm7]
I'll give you all the joy my heart
[    G7sus      G]
 and soul can give

[       FM7     Em7]
Let me hold you
[                FM7       Em7]
I need to have you near me
[               FM7        Em7]
And I feel with you in my arms
[     Dm7             G7sus      G9]
This love will last forever because...

[G    CM7 C7sus                FM7    G7]
I'm truly, truly in love with you girl
[     CM7 C7sus  FM7                 G7]
I'm truly head over heels with your love
[  CM7      C7sus    FM7                G7sus]
I need you, hoo and with your love I'm free
[     C            FM7      Em Dm7  Fm  C-C9]
And truly, you know you're alright with me.