This Time I'll Be Sweeter

by: Angela Bofill

  [B-Ebm7-Abm7-(C dim), Dbm7-B/Eb EM7-Gb7sus]

[B             Ebm7]
Darlin, can't you see
[Abm        Abm7          EM7]
What losin you has done to me?
[ B/Eb          C#7             F#7sus]
I'm not the same girl I used to be
[B             Ebm7]
Have a change of heart
[Abm          Abm7               EM7]
Don't leave me standin' in the dark
[   B/Eb           C#7         F#7sus]
Don't let confusion keep us apart

Come back to me
[    A7sus]
And I'll guarantee,
[          Ebm7         Abm7]
All the tenderness and love you'll 
 ever need

[   F#     E   Ebm7    Abm7-Dbm7]
This time I'll be sweeter
[ F#   E        Ebm7   Abm7-Dbm7]
Our love will run deeper,
[ F#   E       Ebm7]
I won't mess around
[Eb7      Abm7]
I won't let you down,
[C#m7 B/Eb E   B/F#]
Have faith in me
[     F#7sus  (intro)]
Have faith in me (umm hmm).

[B               Ebm7]
Since you've been away
[Abm       Abm7              EM7]
I haven't seen the light of day
[    B/Eb                C#7        F#7sus]
I'm lost without you, can't find my way,
[B             Ebm7]
So won't you please be fair
[Abm      Abm7             EM7]
And let me show how much I care
[     B/Eb            C#7          F#7sus]
Say you'll be mine and answer my pray'r.

Come back to me
[    A7sus]
And I promise I'll be,
[ (Bbdim)   Ebm7]
Ev'rything that's bright and
   [Abm7       C#m7]
 new your whole life through

(Repeat Chorus, Except Last 2 Words)
(Moving Chords One Fret (G) Higher)
... in me