Think I'm in Love Again

by: Paul Anka

[C(9), C, CM7, C, FM7 pause (2x)]

Here I go again
[            Am]
Trippin' on my own feet
Lately it seems I've been
[          Am]
Being old foolish me
[FM7                     G7(/F)]
Mumble when I try to talk
[ Em                    Am]
Stumble when I try to walk
[ D7]
Like I'm in a state of shock
[                G7]
When I'm with you.

[(Do 1st stanza chords)]
Here I go again
Lookin' just like a clown
Everything I say is wrong
Whenever you're around
Somehow I get kinda shy
And I can't look you in the
I come all apart inside
When I'm with you

[          FM7       G7(/F)]
Think I'm in love again
[             Em7      Am(9)]
Grinnin' that silly grin
[Am          Dm7       Dm7(/G)]
Look what a fool I've been
[                C    Gm7]
I think I'm in love again
[C7       FM7        G7(/F)]
Lately I lost my mind
[     (G)  (F)   Em7   Am]
And I do it everytime
[Am         Dm7      Dm7(/G)]
Yes I know all the signs
[             C(9), C, CM7, C, FM7]
Of being in love

[(Do 1st stanza chords)]
I won't lie to you
I've been in love before
But I think that you're
  the one
That I've been waiting for
Been around, I'll admit
But this time all the 
  pieces fit
Something tells me this is
When I'm with you.

((Repeat CHORUS except last word))
[       C]
  ... love

((AD LIB:)) [FM7-G7(/F)-Em7-Am-D7-G7]

((Repeat CHORUS except last word))
[      (coda)]
  ... love

((CODA:)) [C(9), c, CM7, C, FM7 (2x) C(9)]