The Way It Used To Be

by: Engelbert Humperdinck

((INTRO:)) [Cm-D7-Gm-pause]

[                      Cm]
Lonely table just for one
[D                      Gm]
In a bright and crowded room
[                    Cm]
While the music has begun
[D                    Gm pause]
I drink to memories in the
[                           Cm]
Though the music's still the
[D                        G]
It has a bitter sweet refrain

[    G]
So play the song the way it
[          D]
  used to be
[  D7]
Before she left and changed
[              G]
  it all to sadness
[     C]
And maybe if she's passing by
[        G]
  the window
[                    D]
She would hear our love song
[         D7     G]
  and the melody.

[ C]
And even if the words are not
[       G]
  so tender,
[                   D]
She will always remember the
[               Gm-Eb7-Abm pause]
  way it used to be

[                         C#m]
Friends stop by and say hello
[Eb                      Abm pause]
Huh! and laugh and hide the
It's quite easy till they go
[Eb                    Ab]
Then the song begins again.

(Repeat CHORUS moving chords
 half tone/step higher)