The Way He Makes Me Feel

by: Barbra Streisand


[Bm              F#(/Bb)]
There's no chill and yet I shiver
[Bm(/A)                   F#(/Bb)]
There's no flame and yet I burn
[GM7               Em7]
I'm not sure what I'm afraid of
[CM7        F#7]
And yet I'm trembling

[Bm               Bm(+M7)]
There's no storm yet I hear
[Bm(7)             E(/Ab)]
And I'm breathless, why, I wonder
Weak one moment
[B(/C#)             F#M7]
Then the next time fine

[ B(/F#)]
 I feel as it I'm falling
[C#7 (/F#)]
   everytime I close my eyes
 And flowing through my body
[      BM7]
   is a river of surprise

[Fm7                       Bb7]
Feelings are awakening I hardly
[        Bb7-Ebm   Ebm(+M7)]
  recognize    as mine
[Bm       Bm(+M7)]
What are all these new sensations
[Bm(7)             F#(/Bb)]
What's the secret they reveal
[GM7           E7]
I'm not sure I understand
[     GM7      E(/F#) interlude]
But I like the way    I feel

[  Do 2nd stanza chords]
  Why, why, why, why...

[ C#7]
 Why is it htat everytime I
   close my eyes he's there?
 The water shining on his skin
[        BM7]
   the sunlight in his hair,
 And all the while I'm thinking
[               Bb7]
   things that I can't wait to
[        Ebm  Ebm(+M7) - Ebm7]
   share    with him

[Bm          Bm(+M7)]
I'm a bundle  of confusion
[Bm(7)          E(/Ab)]
Yet it has a strange appeal
[GM7         E7]
Did it all begin with him
[   GM7           E(/F#) Bm]
And  the way he makes me
[   Bm(+M7)-Bm(7)-Bm(6)]

[GM7                F#7 hold]
I like the way he makes me
[      Bm(9)-Bm(/A)]
[   GM7          Bm7-F#m7]
He makes me feel,
[Bm(9)         Bm(/A)]
I like the way,  I like the way
[Gm7           Em7-F#m7-Bm(9)]
He makes me                 feel.