Take on Me

by: A-ha

 [Bm-E-A-D-A/C#- (2x)]

[Bm       E]
Talking away
[A            D             A/C#]
I don't know what, what to say
[    Bm         E]
Oh, say it anyway
[     A             D]
But today isn't my day to
[  A/C#]
  find you
[Bm    E]
Shy away
Oh, I'll be coming for
[        D      E]
  your love, okay?

[  A    E/Ab   F#m   D]
  Take on me, (take on me)
[  A    E/Ab   F#m   D]
  Take me on, (take on me)
[  A   E/Ab  F#m   D]
  I'll be gone, get up to your
[        A-E/Ab-F#m-E--]

[    Bm          E]
So needless to say
[    A]
Of odds and ends
[D       A/C#  Bm      E]
For all being stolen away
[A                      D]
Startin' to learn that life
[     A/C#]
  is okay
[Bm        E]
Say after me
[F#m                   D]
It's so better to be safe
[        E]
  than sorry

(Repeat CHORUS)

((AD LIB:)) [C#m7-G-C#m7-G]
           [(Repeat Intro)]

[         Bm             E]
All the things that you say,
[A          D]
Isn't delighted
[        A/C#     Bm      E]
Just to play my worries away
[       A]
You're all the things I've
[  D         A/C#]
  got to remember
[    Bm7     E]
You shine away
[F#m                    D    E]
I'll be coming for you anyway

(Repeat CHORUS except last line)
[  A  E/Ab   F#m]
  I'll be gone
[         (Chorus)]
  In a day ---

(Repeat CHORUS, Fading)