Take Me Now

by: David Gates

((INTRO:)) [D(9)-D-Em7(/D)]

[   D(9)-D       Em7(/D)]
I need, baby I need your love
  right now
[      Gm(6)  (/D)   D(9)]
And I want, baby I wanna show
[      D-A(/C#)]
  you how
[   Bm]
C'mon, you know that we've
[    E7(sus)]
  waited long enough
[              AM7]
And now it's time
[            A7(sus)]
Time to be lovers.

[   D(9)-D             Em7(/D)]
I tried, tried to be only one
  with you
[         Gm(6)]
And it's hard but baby it's
[   D(9)            D   A(/C#)]
  worth it all for you
[        Bm               E7(sus)]
And it hurts, makin' me wait
  for you this way
[          AM7]
I can't go on.
So c'mon and...

[A7(sus)  D            Em7(/D)]
Take me now, take my love
[           A]
Make come true the feelings
[  G(/A)              D]
  I've been dreamin' of
[A(sus)   D-D(/F#)     G Em7]
Take me now, take me fast
[         A]
You can trust in me,
[     G(/A)          D-A7(sus)]
Our love will ever last

[   D(9)-D          Em7(/D)]
I know we haven't known
  each other long
[      Gm(6)]
But still something so
[  D(9)                 D  A(/C#)]
  right just can't be wrong
[  Bm                    E7(sus)]
Besides, it ought to be up
  to me and you
[          AM7]
When it's time, time for
[ A7(sus)]
  each other
[   D(9)-D               Em7(/D)]
I live, live for the day
  we're made as one
[      Gm             D(9)]
Look back, back over all
[                    D(A/C#)]
  the things we've done
[    Bm           E7(sus)]
But now, baby I need your
  love right now,
[          AM7]
I can't go on.
So c'mon and...

(Repeat CHORUS)
(Repeat CHORUS while fading
using these chords)