Strangers in Paradise

by: Matt Monro
Take my hand
[C9                  FM7]
I'm a stranger in paradise
[F6              Gm7]
All lost in a wonderland
[Gm7/C         F6]
A stranger in paradise
[            Gm7]
If I stand starry-eyed
[C9                  FM7]
That's a danger in paradise
[F6              Gm7]
For mortals who stand beside
[Gm7  Gm7/C    F6]
An angel like you

[           C#9]
I saw your face
[        F#]
And I ascended
[        Ebm6]
Out of common place
[ F7      Bbm]
Into the rare
[              A9]
Somewhere in space
[         DM7  D6]
I hung suspended
[        Gm7]
Until I know
[C9                        Eb9]
There's a chance that you care

[D7                    Gm7]
Won't you answer the fervent prayer
[C9                FM7]
Of a stranger in paradise
[F6               Gm7]
Don't send me in dark despair
[Gm7   Gm7/C     F6]
For all that I hunger for
[               G7/B]
But open your angel's arms
[C9/Bb               Am7]
To the stranger in paradise
And tell him (her) that he
[  Gm7]
  (she) need be
[Gm7  C7          Eb FM7]
A stranger no more.