Starlight Express

by: El DeBarge

[E                   E(M)7]
When the night is darkest
[A/E           Esus]
Open up your mind
[E       EM7]
Dream begins, it's becoming
[     B     A/(C#), E]
[E               EM7]
Listen to the distant
[A/E                Esus]
Listen and you'll find
[E           Abm]
A midnight train is getting
[  A     B]

[ E              E9]
 Starlight express
[ E(sus)         E]
 Starlight express
[           Esus       E]
 Are you real? Yes or no?
[ A/E]
 Starlight express
[         E/B]
 (Please) Answer me yes
[    B pause         (Intro/E-D)]
 I don't want you to go.

[E                Em7]
Take me to the places
[A/E           Esus]
I have never been
[E            Em7]
Bring me home safely
[          B     A(/C#), E]
Before I wake up
[E                  EM7]
Cause I believe in you
[A/E                    Esus]
Though you may be unseen
[E               Abm]
This is not the kind of 
[      A              B]
That anyone can make up.

(Repeat CHORUS)

((AD LIB:)) [C-C9-CM7-C]
        [F/C-Fm/C-C-G/B, Am-]

[           Gm]
You're in need of bigger
[  C9]
  world to help you
[        Gm     Am]
If you grow on world deeds
[  G/B      C]
  Dip it inside

(Repeat CHORUS using the ff chords)

((CODA:)) [F-FM7-F9-F-Bb/F-F]

[        Bb/F]
 (My) Starlight express
[         F/C]
 Please answer me yes
[    C                F]
 I don't want you to go.