Something New In My Life

by: Stephen Bishop
((INTRO:)) [F-C(/E)-Dm-C-Bb-C-F]

[F         C(/E)            Dm]
I guess I wanted something new
[         C]
  in my life
[Bb    F(/A)   Gm        C]
A new key to fit a new door
[F           C(/E)           Dm]
To wake and see a different view
[         C]
  in my life
[G(/B)     G         Csus    C]
The one I've been waiting for

[Cm, Cm+M7, Cm7         F]
Dreams          like ev'ryone
[             Bbsus      Bb]
  I've had a few in my life
Who knew that this one would
[       Am]
  come true in my life
I knew the moment when you
[  Gsus Gm   Bbm7      C]
  touch me, you touch me

[F              C(/E)]
You're like a sudden breeze
[        Dm          C]
  that bloom in my life
[Bb    F(/A)  Eb(/A)   D]
A new face,    a new smile,
[ Gsus    Gm]
  a new song
[Gm7                   Csus]
And now I know I wanted you
[         C         F   A7]
  in my life all along

[  Dm, Dm+M7, Dm7          G]
I guess,     I must have saved
[            Csus        C]
  an empty place in my heart
For you to come and fill
[      Bm7]
  the space in my heart
That long before I said
[  A7sus  Am7    Cm   D]
  I love you, I love you

[G         D(/F#)          Em]
Whatever happens this is true
[         D]
  in my life
[Dm               E]
When all those springs have 
[           Am]
  come and go
Whatever doubts I've made or
[ Dsus]
  do in my life
[D                        Dsus]
Whatever else that I may do
  in my life
[D            Bm7]
You'll always be something,
[  Am]
  girl in my life
[Dsus D   G]
From now on

I know there'll always will
[     A          A7]
  be you in my life
[Dsus, D     G-C-G]
From    now on