Smoke on the Water

by: Deep Purple
[G Bb C, G Bb C# C, G Bb C Bb G (6x)]

[  G]
We all came out to Montreal
[               F       G]
On our way to Rio's shoreline
To make records with the mobile
[F          G]
We didn't have much time
But Frank Zappa and the Mothers
[                   F      G]          
We're at the best place around
When some stupid with a flagon
[                 F        G]
Burned the place to the ground

[  C            Ab]
 Smoke on the water
[ G]
 A fire in the sky!
[  C            Ab]
 Smoke on the water-

(Do INTRO 2x)

It burned down the gamblin' house
[                 F      G]
It died with an awful sound
A funky clod was running in and out
[F        G]
Pulling kids on the ground
When it all was over
[                 F       G]
We had to find another place
But swiss time was running out
[                         F        G]
It seemed that we would lose the race

(Repeat CHORUS)

((AD LIB:)) [G---  C7-F]

(Repeat INTRO Twice)

We ended up at the Ground Hotel
[               F        G]
It was empty, cold and dead
But with the Rolling truck Stones
 playing just outside
[F                G]
Making our music bad
With the fumin' lights a few old bids
[F                     G]
We made the place to swell
No matter what we get out of this
[                      F      G]
I know, I know we'll never forget

(Repeat CHORUS)

((CODA:)) [Fade G--]