Shake Your Love

by: Debbie Gibson
[  Bb           Cm     Bb]
 (Shake your love) I just
[                        Cm]
   can't shake (your love)
[  Bb           Cm    Ab]
 (Shake your love) I just
[         Bb          Bb]
   can't shake your love

[Cm           Bb]
I'm under a spell again
[Cm                  Bb]
Boy, I'm wondering why
[Cm             Bb]
This is not a game of love
[       Cm          Bb]
But an emotional inside

[     Fm              Bb]
I'm trying to figure out
  my heart (my heart)
[     Cm                Bb  Cm7]
But I can't offer you proof
[    Bb                 G]
Of why we should never be
[            Fm]
  apart and that is not
  (that is not)
That is not true, oh-

(Repeat CHORUS 2x)

(Do 1st Stanza Chords)
Do you know why I stop and
And I smile when you walk by?
And how I call you up at
I hang up the phone and cry

(Do 2nd Stanza Chords)
If I never got to know you
  so well (I knew you so well)
Maybe I would be fine
Baby, you know that I can't
  tell why you should be
  (you should be)
You should be mine, oh-

(Repeat CHORUS 2x)

[ Bb]
 Oooh, I know what you're
[   Ab      Cm]
[   Bb              Ab  Cm]
 I see it in your eyes
[ Bb                  Ab]
 You wanna give our love
[   Cm       Bb]
   another try
[ Bb]
 I'm so glad your will has
   taught you

(Repeat CHORUS 2x)

((AD LIB:)) 
[Cm break, Bb break (4x)]

Shake it! your love
Can't shake
Just can't shake your love
  ah no!

(Repeat CHORUS over and over again)