Right Next To Me

by: Whistle
((INTRO:)) [A-A9, A, A-G- (2x)]

[A   A9  A   A/C#             DM7-D-A/C#-Bm]
Goodbye, It's time for me to go
[A   A9                A/C#]       
I'll call you in the mornin'
[                 DM7-D-A/C#-Bm]
So I can let you know
[A   A9  A          A/C#]
The way I really feel, girl
[                     DM7-D-A/C#-]
To put your mind at ease
[ Bm   A             A9 A]
If I don't then who will
[     A/C#]
If I make it I still want you
[ DM7]
 to be there with me.

[A   A9  A     A/C#]
You say, you'll love and then
[        DM7  D-A/C#-Bm-]
 you'll learn
[A   A9              A         A/C#]
If you've learned to love me, baby
[                    DM7-D-A/C#-Bm]
You'll wait till I return
[A A9        A         A/C#]
I know it hasn't been easy
[                   DM7-D-A/C#]
To love a man like me
[ Bm   A       A9 A]
Someday if we try
[           A/C#]
There will be no goodbye
[            DM7]
And we will live happily.

[         A]
('Cause) I'll be there one day
[    A                         G-Em-G-Em-]
And you will be right next to me
I'll be there one day
[    A                         G-Em-G-Em-]
And you will be right next to me

[A    A9   A     A/C#           DM7-D-A/C#-Bm]
Hey there, will you be where I am
[A    A9    A      A/C#]
Will you be at my side girl
[                DM7-D-A/C#-Bm]
Or with another man
[A    A9     A       A/C#]
Just wait a little longer
[                       DM7-D-A/C#-]
Girl, I don't know how long
[ Bm     A       A9]
Just try to understand
[        A           A/C#]
This is not what I planned
[                     DM7-D-A/C#-Bm-]
I'm sorry this had to be

[A   A9   A/C#]
Girl, oh girl, every man need
[   DM7-D-A/C#-]
 a woman
[ Bm        A             A9   A]
You're the woman that I choose
[      A/C#]
And I can't afford to lose you,
[  DM7-D-A/C#-Bm-]

(Repeat REFRAIN)

[DM7             C#m7]
 I swear to the world
[DM7              C#m7]
 You'll always be my girl
[DM7             C#m7]
 Just say you'll be
[Bm7           E7sus]
 Right next to me

((AD LIB:)) 
[Intro chord pattern to fade]