Out of the Blue

by: Debbie Gibson

((INTRO:)) [F-Dm-Bb-C- (2x)]

[F          Dm]
Without you, without you
[   Bb             C]
I always thought that everything
[      F]
  was fine
[        Dm           Bb]
Without you, never knowing
[           C]
  you'll be mine
[Dm           C]
Suddenly my world has changed
And I just wonder why
[Gm                      C]
All it look was just a smile

[          F]
 Now it's you
[ Dm]
 Out of the blue
[ Bb             C]
 Love appeared before my eyes
[       F       Dm]
 With you, dream comes true
[     Bb                 C]
 I never thought I'd realize
[        Dm]
   what love was
[       C]
 What love was
[      Bb     (pause)]
 What love was

[F         Dm]
I need you, oh, I need you
[        Bb      C]
And ev'ryday I love you more
[  F]
  and more
[       Dm       Bb]
Without you, I know that it's
[      C]
  so cold
[Dm         C]
Suddenly I see you there
[       Bb]
And ev'rything's okay
[Gm                     C]
Don't know why I feel this
  way (aah-ha)

(Repeat CHORUS)
  (Ad Lib)
  Here with you

((AD LIB:)) [Bb-Gm-Eb-F- (2x)]

[ Eb              F]
 We are together now
[ Eb             F]
 Never take my heart away
[ Eb             Cm]
 All the love I felt
[               F]
 It's here to stay
[ Dm                Bb     C]
 (Out of the blue) woh oh woh
[ F            Dm]
 It's like a dream come true
[    Bb                C]
 I never thought I'd fall
[                F]
   in love with you

(Repeat CHORUS except last 3 lines)

[   Bb            C         F]
I never thought it's with you.

(Repeat CHORUS)