No More Rhyme

by: Debbie Gibson
((INTRO:)) [C#m-A-Ab-Eb-Fm-E-Eb-Eb9]

[                   Ab]
When the fear sets in, when the fire
[     F#m]
[                C#]
Where I find a place, where there's
[             Eb(9)]
  nowhere to turn
[                 Ab]
When the evening sings an eerie
[   Fm]
  song (oh)
[                C#]
Longing for the day
[             Eb]
You say I'm wrong
[                   Ab]
You can find your place but never
[       Fm]
  fit in
[                     C#]
And only when you've left do you
[                    Eb]
  know where you've been?
[               Ab]
I can see the light, but only when
[        Ab/C]
  it's gone
[                C#]
You can go on waiting
[                Eb]
But only for so long (so long...)

[                  Ab]
I know we are right
[                    Cm7]
It's not always clear  because
[       C#             Eb]
  I've never felt the fear
[                 Ab]
Can it stay so good forever in
[  Cm7]
[                      C#]
I've always felt the rhythm,
[       Eb]
What happens when there's no
[       Ab    Ab, C# break]
  more rhyme?

[               Ab]
Can we face ourselves like we
[             Fm]
  face each other?
[                        C#]
We've never felt anything on
[      Eb]
  our own
[                   Ab]
I can't wait much longer to
[            Fm]
  feel any danger
[                   C#]
I hope we're not living for
[               Eb]
  a lifetime alone

(Repeat CHORUS)

Hard to go on
[            Cm7]
It's like waiting for the
[         C#]
  other shoe to drop
[                    Eb]
I'll never stop believing in you
It's just we never have to
[     Cm7]
It all came to easy
I hope we felt what we felt
  from the start
We've never suffered a broken
We've been so blinded by all
  the rest
We never put our love to the
[                   E-A]
  test (To the test)

((AD LIB:))
[F#m, G, A-C#m]