by: Peabo Bryson, Roberta Flack
((INTRO:)) [G-CM/G- (2x)]

[G9                    A/G]
If we both decide to try
[                      Am/G]
And make it one more time
[                    Am7]
I hope we take the time
[             D7sus]
to know each other well

[    G9]
And if the answers
[            A/G]
don't come quick,
[                     Cm/G]
We'll go with how it feels
[                         Am7]
And sometimes that's not yes
[     D7sus pause]
  or no.

[           Ab9 Fm]
(But|Just) Maybe
[          Bbm7]         C#m]
(There'll be no falling stars |
 No candles or guitars)
[           Cm7]
this time around

[              Fm7]
(this time around),
[       Bbm7       Eb7sus]
I still believe that...
[Ab9  Fm    Fm6       Eb/C#]
Honesty is all we'll ever
[      Cm7]
[Bdim     Bbm7]
(You and me again)
(Can we make it through)
[Eb7sus    Ab9]

[G9                   A/G]
You keep asking me if I
[                      Am/G]
Will love you for all time
[                 Am7]
If two of us will be enough
[     D7sus]
to make us strong

And if we learn to keep
[     A/G]
  it free
[                   Cm/G]
And let each other grow
We'll find out there's no
[  Am7      D7sus]
  yes or no.

(Repeat CHORUS 2x except last word)

(Repeat CHORUS while fading)