Make It Real

by: The Jets
((INTRO:)) [A--AM9--D--A-- (2x)]

[A                 AM9]
Tonight it's been a year
[    D                 A]
We met each other here
[       A            AM9]
Here I am all alone
[      D            A-Abm]
As thoughts of you go on

[         F#m          D]
Hear me cryin' out to you
[         Bm      C#m D]
You said, Never, never
[ D             E]
  would I leave
[         F#m             D]
Here's a tear from me to you
[    Bm  C#m   D]
And maybe it will make you
[   E]
  hear me

[A   D    E]
I loved you
[A     D          E]
You didn't feel the same
[ A        D      E]
Though we're apart, you're
[    F#m]
  in my heart
[        F#m  D]
Give me one more chance to
[   E        (ad lib)]
  make it real

((AD LIB:)) [A--AM9--D--A--]

[       A       AM9]
In a dream you are here
[     D              A]
You smile and hold are here
[           A          AM9]
And in my heart I'll pretend
[     D            A-Abm]
That you are here again

((Repeat REFRAIN))
((Repeat CHORUS))

((AD LIB:)) [F#m--B--(2x)]

((Repeat CHORUS except last word))
[   F#m--B--]
... real.