Love Me For What I Am

by: The Carpenters

[            G]
We fell in love
[          F#m]
  on the first night that we met
[   F#m]
Together we're been happy
[       Bm]
I have very few regrets
[      Bdim     C#7         F#m]
The ordinary problems have not
  been out to face
[     Bm             E]
But lately little changes have
[         Em            A]
  been slowly taking place
[         F#             Bm]
You're always finding something
[    G              D]
Is wrong in what I do
[      F#m          Bm]
But you can't re-arrange my life
[     Em             A]
Because it pleases you

[A      A, A, D]
You've got to love me for
[      A/C#]
  what I am
[      Bm]
For simply being me
[       Em]
Don't love me for what you
[           A]
  intend or hope that I will be
[   F#m7]
And if you're only using me to
[ C#m7b5          F#]
  feed your fantasy
[         Bm           E]
You're really not in love, so let
[     Em]
  me go
[A          D-G/D-D-]
I must be free

[             G           F#m]
If what you want isn't natural for me
[    F#m]
I won't pretend to keep you,
[      Bm]
What I am I have to be
[     G#dim        C#7         F#m]
The picture of perfection is only in
[        F#m]
  your mind
[    Bm7          E]
For all your expectations, love
[  Em             A]
  can never be designed
[    F#              Bm]
We either take each other for
[  G             D]
  everything we are
[   F#m                  Bm]
Or leave the life we're made behind
[    Em         A]
And make another start

(Repeat CHORUS except last words)
[    D/A]
... free

((AD LIB:)) [D-A/C#-Bm-Em-A-]

(Repeat last 3 lines of CHORUS except last word)
[     G#dim-A-Bdim]
... free

[        B,            E]
You're really not in love, 
[            Em]
  so let me go
[A          D-Dsus-D]
I must be free.