Love Hurts

by: ?Nazareth

INTRO: [G F-pause C-pause (2x)]
       [G pause]

[        G            Em]
Love hurts, love scars,
[         C         D]
Love wounds and mars
[C     G          Em]
Any heart, not tough,
[       C     D]
Or strong enough...
[     C             G]
To take a lot of pain,
[B7            Em]
Take a lot of pain
[  B7             G]
Love is like a flood,
[      D        C]
Awful lot of rain.
[        G    F-pause  C-pause]
Love hurts, ohh       hoo
[        G]
Love hurts.
[      G      Em]
I'm young, I know
[  C        D]
But even so
[  C    G            Em]
I know a thing or two
[      C         D]
I learned from you.
[      C             G]
I really learned a lot
[       B7        Em]
Really learned a lot.
[    B7           C]
Love is like a flame,
[          D             G]
It burns you when it's hot.
[       G     F-pause C-pause   G]
Love hurts, ooh  hoo love hurts.

[ Em                  B7    Em]
Some fools think of happiness,
[ B7         Em    B7]
Blissfulness, togetherness.
[ A7]
Some fools fool and still I guess
[   Am7]
They're not fooling me.
[   C             G]
I know it isn't true,
[   B7            Em]
I know it isn't true.
[   B7           C]
Love is just a lie
[         D         C]
Made to make you knew.
[  G       F-pause  C-pause]
Love hurts, ooh  hoo
[       G]
Love hurts,
[F-pause C-pause G]
Ooh  hoo,  love hurts.

AD LIB: (1st Stanza Chords)

[ F   C]
Ooh hoo...