Lost In Your Eyes

by: Debbie Gibson

((INTRO:)) [B--E--B--E--F#-]

[       B            E]
I get lost in your eyes
[       B               E]
And I feel my spirits rise
[                  Abm]
And soar like the wind
[       E       B C#m B  F#]
Is it love that I am in?

[      B           E]
I get weak in a glance
[       B                   E]
Isn't this what's called romance
[                  Abm]
And never would I know
[                E      F#]
'Cause when I'm lost I can't
[      B--B7-B- C#]
  let go

[E                  F#]
 I don't mind not knowing what
[        B]
   I'm headed for
[E        Ebm            Abm-F#m-]
 You can take me to the sky
[E                         Ebm-Abm]
 It's like being lost in heaven
[  C#m  B     E          F#--]
 When I'm lost in your eyes

[        B                E]
I just fell, don't know why
[             B]
Something's there we can't
[   E]
[             Abm]
When I first knew
[               C#m-   F#]
That's when I first looked at
[  B  Ab7-]

[      C#           F#]
And if I can't find my way
[        C#               F#]
It's salvation six wills away
[           Bbm          F#]
Will I be found when I have
[   Ab]
[        C#]
In your eyes woh

(Repeat REFRAIN moving chords 2 frets higher)

(Repeat 1st 2 lines of 2nd stanza, moving chords 2 frets higher)

[            Bbm]
 Will I be found
[               Ebm-Fm-Ab7-]
 When I am lost  
[         C#]
 In your eyes
[ Ab   C#]
 Oh yeah