Look What You've Done

by: Bread

 [/E /F# G-C-Am7-D7sus-]

[          G         C]
You have taken the heart of me
[     Em         C]
And left just a part of me
[     G     Em    C]
And look, look, look what you've
[   D7]
[           G            C]
Well, you took all the best of me
[    Em           F(M7)]
So come get the rest of me
[     Em   C    F(M7)  D7]
And look back, finish what you've
[  (intro)]
  begun... you've done

[1st stanza chords)]
There is someone you want to meet
It's me, Mr. Incomplete
Look back what love become
For it's due to the lack of it
That I'm now only half of two
Look (look), I said, back
Finish what you've begun
Ooh, what you've done

((AD LIB:)) [D-Dsus-D-Dsus-(2x)]

[        D      Dsus/C]
 Come and sit by my side
[                D         Dsus/C]
 Where there's nothing to hide
[           D      Dsus/C]
 And we'll try to decide what
[           C-G, Am, G/B, C]
   you've needed
[             D]
 But from the way that I stand
[       Dsus/C]
[          D         Dsus]
 I can't think of a way
[             D]
 Though the words that I might
[   Dsus/C]
[             D7]
 That would change your mind
[     D7             D7sus]
 And make you stay, oh no
[         D7]
 Not for all the times I've
[    G-C-Em-C]
[  G            Em]
 Look (look), look (look)
[  C                 D7]
 Look what you've done

[           G        C]
You have taken the best of me
[    Em    C]
And look back
[ F     D7           G-C]
Finish what you've begun
[Am7-D7            G-C]
Look what you've done
[Am7-D7          G-C-Am7-D7]
Oh, what you've done, oh
[                  G]
Ooh, what you've done.