Lonely Boy

by: Paul Anka

((INTRO:)) [C-Bb/G- (3x) break]

[              C]
 I'm just a lonely boy, lonely
[        G7]
   and blue
 I'm all alone with you nothing
[      C]
   to do
[              C]
 I've got everything you could
[         G7]
   think of
 But all I want is someone
[       C   Bb-C break]
   to love

[                          C]
Someone, yes, someone to love
[           G7]
Someone to kiss, someone to
[                  C]
At a moment like this,
[             C            G7]
I'd like to hear somebody say
I'll give you my love
[                (intro)]
Each night and day

(Repeat CHORUS)

Somebody, somebody, somebody
[    C                G7]
  please send her to me
I'll make her happy, just
[           C]
  wait and see,
[           C]
I pray so hard to the heavens
[   G7]
That I'm gonna find somebody
[      (intro)]
  to love

(Repeat CHORUS while fading)