Let's Make a Memory

by: Rex Smith

((INTRO:)) [D-F#m7-G-A7(sus),A7,]
       [A7(9), A7 (9) ; (2x)]

[D               F#m7]
You and I will build a world of
[       G]
  our own
[    A7(sus)  A7    A7(9) A7]
That we      can run to
[D                 F#m7]
We will find what all true
[               G]
  lovers have known
[      A7(sus)   A7(9)  A     Bm]
We'll make our dreams come true
[                   F#m]
As we walk in this land
[G                       Gm7 hold]
Heart in heart, hand in hand,
[Em7               A7]
Put your faith in me
[            G(/D)  D   BbM7-A7]
Let's make a me----mory

[(1st stanza chords)]
You and I have dreamed so long
  of tonight
To learn what love's about
Come to me and lay yourself by
  my side
We'll kiss away the doubts.
We're together at last,
Feel your heart beat so fast,
Put your faith in me   ;
Let's make a memory.

[(A7)           D]
Let's make a memory
[                          Bm]
Bright as the stars that shine
Let's fill our cup with the
[  G]
  wine of love
[             A7(sus)-A7-]
Just you and me
[      A7 hold     (Ad lib)]
And memories of love.

((AD LIB:)) [D-F#m7-G-A7(sus),A7,A7(9)]

[               F#m]
After all's said  and alone
[G               Gm7 hold]
Memories in the run,  darlin
[Em7               A7]
Put your faith in me
[            G(/D)   D   BbM7-A7]
Let's make a me---- mory.

(Repeat CHORUS except last line)
[        A(7)       B(/F#)-F#-]
  And memories of love

(Repeat CHORUS 2x, except last 4
 words, moving chords half note
 (step) higher)