Leave It To Me

by: The Jets

((INTRO:)) [D-E/D-D-E/D-]

[D       Em    D          G]
Say goodnight and sleep tight
[Am          G]
Leave it to me to make your
[ BbM7         Bb6]
  world all right
[A/C#    F/C          Bb]
Put it on me to turn things
[    C/Bb           Am]
And make what's lost be found
[      Dm             Bm7]
Your dreams were meant to be

[     F/C-Faug/B-]
 Leave it to me
[             Bb      Bb6]
 Leave it to me, my love
[             Am-F]
 Leave it to me
[           Bb        C#dim]
 You can believe, my love
[              A/C#-Dm]
 Give me your love, I give you
[     C/E, A, Dm]
   my guarantee
[           Gm]
 Whatever might be, leave it
[     F/A]
   to me
[          Bb-C  F-A7]
 Leave it to me

[D            Em D/F#]
Lay yourself down, find some
[  G]
[Am         G]
Settle within my arms,
[          Bb(M7)   Bb6]
  they're safe and deep
[A/C#          F/C]
I'll take you through this 
[          Bb]
  night till day
[      C/Bb             Am]
When things will go our way
[   Dm                 Bm7]
So close your eyes and see...

(((Repeat CHORUS)))

((AD LIB:)) [D-Em-D/F#-G-]
         [Am-G-BbM7, Bb6]

(((Repeat last 3 lines of 2nd stanza)))
(((Repeat CHORUS)))