Last Waltz

by: Engelbert Humperdinck

[   D                      Em]
I wonder should I go or should
  I stay
[     A]
The band had only one more song
[      D]
  to play.
And then I saw you on the
[               Em]
  corner of my eye
[                A          D]
A little girl alone and so shy.

[A           D             Em]
I had the last waltz with you
[A                   D]
Two lonely people together
[D7         G        Em]
I fell in love with you
[     A]
The last waltz should last
[    D]

[D                          Em]
But the love we had was going
[   A]
Through the good and the bad
[           D]
  we got along.
And then the flame of love
[               Em]
  died in your eye
My heart was broken in two
[   A               D]
  when you said goodbye

(Repeat CHORUS)

[          G]
It's all over now,
[        Gm]
Nothing left to say
[         D]
Just my tears and the
[     E7       A]
  orchestra playing...

(Repeat CHORUS)