Lady Lay Down

by: Paul Anka

((INTRO:)) [F--Am7--BbM7--C7--]

[           F            Am7]
Too many times I didn't try
[     Bb]
  to hold ya,
[        Gm          Bb]
I never kept the promises I
[   C]
  told ya
[         Dm         D7     Gm]
Now it's time I give in I know
[       Gm7       F(/A)]
To the words that I should have
[   Bb       C7(sus)-C7-]
  said long ago.

[  F     Am7       Bb]
  Lady, lay down beside me
[F(/A)    Gm           Gm(/F)]
  (And) Wrap all your love
[     C(/E)   C-C(/Bb)]
    around me
[    Am7         Dm7]
  I need you to stay
[  Am7         Bb          F(/C)]
  Don't turn away from me now
[  C7         F-Am7-BbM7-C7-]
  Lady, lay down

[             F]
You've been alone, I guess
[        Am7    Bb]
  I've known about it
[             Gm]
You gave me love and learned
[     Gm7     C]
  to live without it
[    Dm                   D7]
And now that you've turned to
[    Gm]
[Gm7             F(/A)]
Let me beg you to stay, the
[    Bb        C7-]
  best way I know

((Repeat CHORUS except last word))
[      (coda)]
  ... down

((CODA:)) (Do Chorus)