Keep Your Lyrics Organized

lyrics Music is second nature to us. Every emotions we have, may it be happy or sad, in love or lonely, music can make everyone sing their hearts out.

But how many were the times when we always tend to be disappointed and frustrated as to how can we ever enjoy the song when there's no lyrics available? True enough, few are the materials available to us who love to sing along with friends or even jam with a band or just having an alone time with ourselves.

Clearly, what is needed is a comprehensive web application that contains lyrics we love to sing. And most of all having it readily available anytime anywhere.

The LyricsKeep fills that need. The compilation contains song from 50's to present time, to genres as diverse as folk, modern folk, jazz, ballad, rock, blues, hip hop, country, easy listening, electronic, pop, ska and R&B

It is a musical mileage indeed, capturing the best recorded song can offer, in which we have compiled and presented in this one of a kind LYRICS KEEP selections.

So, whether it's an enchanting melody you want to sing, or an upbeat tune to keep your feet moving, this site is for you.

Come, it's time to sing along with us.