Just When I Needed You Most

by: Randy Vanwarmer

((INTRO:)) [A-A7-A(6)-A- (2x)]

[      A]
You packed in the morning, I
Stared out the window, and I
[A(6)                       D(/A)]
Struggled for something to say
[     D]
You left in the rain without
[   A]
 closing the door,
[Bm7                   E7]
I didn't stand in you way.

[    A]
(Now/Cause) I (miss/need/love)
 you more than I
(Missed you/Needed/Loved you)
 before, and now
[A(6)                      D(/A)]
Where I'll find comfort, God

[         D-A]
 Cause you - left me
[ E7                      A]
 Just when I needed you most
[  (/B)  (/C#)]
   (oh, yeah)
[ D-A           E7]
 (You) Left me just when I needed
[       A-]
   you most

[     A]
Now most ev'ry morning I
Stare out the window and I
[A(6)                        D(/A)]
Think about where you might be
[       D]
I've written you letters that
[ A]
 I'd like to send
[ Bm7                         E7]
If you would just send one to me

(Repeat 2nd Stanza &    Chorus)

((AD LIB:)) 

(Repeat 1st, 2nd Stanza, &    Chorus)

[ D-A]
 You - left me
[ E7                      A-A7-D(/A)-A]
 Just when I needed you most.