July Morning

by: Uriah Heep

((INTRO:)) [F/C-C-F/C-C (6x)]

[Cm                    Fm]
There are words on a July morning
[       Bb]           Cm]
(I was) Looking for love
[Cm                     Fm]
With the strength of a new day dawning
[Bb                Cm]
And the beautiful sun
[Cm                   Fm]
At the sound of the first bird singing
[Bb               Cm]
I was living for home

[Cm                     Fm]
With the storm and the night behind me
[Bb                 Cm]
And the road of my own
[Eb           Gm7             Ab]
With the day came the resolution
[Bb                  Cm]
I'll be looking for you
[Eb           Gm7        Ab]
La la la la, la la la la
[Bb       Cm-Fm-Bb-Cm-]
La la la...

I was looking for love in the 
[    Fm]
 strangest places
[Bb                        Cm]
Was in the stone I left unturned
Must have trapped more than a
[    Fm]
 thousand faces
[Bb                       Cm]
Not one was aware of the fire that
[Eb           Gm7       Ab-Bb   Cm]
In my heart, in my mind, in my soul
[Eb          Gm7        Ab]
La la la la, la la la la
[Eb      Cm]
La la la...

((AD LIB:)) [Cm-Fm-Bb-Cm (4x)]

(Repeat last 3 lines of 2nd stanza)

[        C]
La la la la
[        Fm-G]
La la la la
[   Cm-C-Fm-G]
La .....

((AD LIB:)) [Cm-D-Fm-G-Cm- (2x)]

(Repeat 1st Stanza)

((AD LIB:)) [(Fade) Cm-D-Fm-G-Cm-]