Is It Okay If I Call You Mine

by: Paul McCrane
((INTRO:)) [C-Csus-2x]

[C         G(/B)           Bb-A]
Is it okay if I call you mine
[           Dm-Dm(+M7)-Dm7-Dm(6)]
Just for a time?
[    F        G      Am]
And I will be just fine
[      F             Dm]
If I know what you know
[       G]
That I'm wanting, needing your
[  C-G(/B)-Bb  A  Dm-Dm(+M7)-Dm7-Dm6]
  love,    o wow woh
[C          G(/B)         Bb-A]
If I ask of you, is it alright
If I ask you to hold me tight
[                      Dm-Dm(M7)-Dm7-Dm6]
Through a cold, dark night?
[       F        G]
Cause there may be a cloudy
[          Am]
  day in sight,
[       F               Dm]
And I need to let you know
[       G                 C]
THat I might be needing your
[  G(/B)-Bb  A  Dm-Dm(M7)-Dm7-G]
  love,  oh woh woh woh.

[      F                 G]
 And what I'm trying to say
[                Am]
   isn't really new
[                 F]
 It's just the things that
[            Dm]
   happen to me
[                       G]
 When I'm reminded of you.

[ C         G/(B)      Bb-A]
Like when I hear your name
Or see a place that you've been
Or see a picture of your grin,
Or pass a house that you've
[          Dm-Dm(M7)-Dm7-Dm6]
  been in one time or another
[           F                G]
It sets off something in me I
[              Am]
  can't explain.
[                 F]
And I can't wait to see you
[   Dm]
[          G         C-G(/B)-Bb]
Oh babe, I love your love,
[       A  Dm-Dm(M7)-Dm7-G]
  oh woh woh woh.

(Repeat REFRAIN)