I'll Be Over You

by: Toto
[             EbM7]  
Some people leave their dream
[             Eb/F  F]
Some people close their eyes
[                 EbM7        Bb]
Some people's destiny passes by
[               EbM7]
There are no guarantees
[            Eb/F    F]
There are no advice
[                 EbM7]
That's how our love will stick,
[             Bb]
  don't ask why
[              F/A]
It takes sometime
God knows how long
[  G#M7                 F7sus]
I know that I can't forget you
[      F7]
  as soon as

[     Bb          BbM7]
My heart stops (breaking aching)
[     Gm7        EbM7]
And tears are (fading changing)
[    Cm7       Bb        F]
As soon as forever is through
[              Bb pause]
I'll be over you.

[               EbM7]
Remember when times gone mad
[           Eb/F   F]
Don't ask she real unafraid
[                   EbM7]
There are other reasons why
[                  Bb]
Nothin' stay the same
[                F/A]
There were the nights
[   Cm/G]
I'm holding you 'cause
[                      F7sus]
Someday I'll try to forget them
[       F7]
  as soon as

(Repeat Refrain)


  As soon as my heart stops breaking
  And tears are fading
  Someday I'll be over you.

  (Repeat 3x fading)