If You Were Here With Me Tonight

by: Barry Manilow
[C-Csus, C ; (x2) Gm7- F, Gm7-/D,/G,/F,/D]

[C                 Csus]
Sometimes late at night
[           Gm    F/A]
When the shadows made by 
[  Bb       C]
  street lamps
[            F            Em  Dm  Gsus]
Cast the darkened silver light
[         C                 Csus]
You're driftin' through my mind
[   Gm           C              F]
Reminding me of all I lost and all
[              Em  Dm  Gsus]
  I've yet to find

[          Gm             C]
So many things I know I should
[       F]
  have told you
[            Bb]
Now what I wouldn't give,
[  G                F/G, G]
If I could hold you.

[               C]
 If you were here with me tonight,
[                    Gm       C]
 This time I'll never let it end
[   F]
 We'll find those feelin's we once
[   Em]
[     Dm                    G]
 And feel them (all/once) again.
[                      Em]
 We'd make love stronger than before
[                      Gm      C]
 And give each other even more
[                        F]
 (And/When) we fin'lly find
[                Esus  E]
   a way to make it right
[                Am           G,  F]
 If you were here with me tonight
[ G                    Csus]
 Here with me tonight.

[   C             Csus]
Somehow now I see
[    Gm                    C]
How time can stop at even the
[         F      Em  Dm  Gsus]
  most painful memory
[    C                  Csus]
Now what we had is gone
[         Gm        C]
And the sooner I believe in that
[     F               Em Dm G]
The sooner I'll go on.

((REFRAIN 2:))
[           Gm         C]
 But love like ours comes just
[               Am]
   once in a lifetime
[       Bb]
 So I tell myself
[          G                  F/G, G]
 It just wasn't the right time.

(Repeat CHORUS)

[Am                     Em]
The minutes seem like hours
[     F]
How long before the light of day
[ G]
Helps me chase these thoughts away

(Repeat CHORUS except last line move chords 1 fret higher)

[ Ab, F#       Fm            G]
 If you were here with me tonight
[                  Fm]
 If only you were here with me tonight
 Here with me...