If We Hold On Together

by: Diana Ross

[C9              C         C9          C]
Don't lose your way with each passing day
[C9             C/E       F         G]
You've come so far don't throw it away
[Am       C      Am             Em]
Leave believing dreams are for weeping
[F            C            G]
Wonders are waiting to start
[Am         C     Am              Em]
Live your story, faith, hope and glory
[F            C           G]
Hold to the truth in your heart.

[C        Em   F    G]
If we hold on together
[C          Em          F     G]
I know our dreams will never die
[C             Em          F]
Dreams see us though to forever
(As time and souls could fly)
[             Am    F    C]
(The/Where) clouds roll by
[Am      F   C]
For you and I

[C9           C         C9           C]
Souls in the wind must learn how to bend
[C9          C/E     F          G]
Seek how a star hold on to the end
[Am      C        Am           Em]
Valley, mountain, there is a fountain
[F           C         G]
Washes our tears all away
[Am         C      Am           Em]
Words are swaying, someone is praying
[F             C             G]
Please let us come home to stay.

(Repeat Chorus)

[    F       G/F      Em       C]
When we are out there in the dark
[      Dm      G       C]
We'll dream about the sun
[Eb     F/Eb       Dm7       Bb]
In the dark we'll feel the light
[Ab         D         G]
Warm our hearts everyone.

(Repeat Chorus)