I Never Cry

by: Alice Cooper
A.Cooper D.Wagner

((INTRO:)) [C-C7-F-Fm- (2x)]

[C             C7         F-Fm]
If there's a tear on my face
[C             C7           F]
It makes me shiver to the bone
[         Fm]
 it shakes me, babe
[C              C7]
It's just a heartache
[       F             D]
That caught in my eye,
[         C- Am7]
And you know
[        Dm-G           F]
I never cry,  I never cry

[C            C7                F-Fm]
Sometimes I drink more than I need
[C          C7            F-Fm]
Until the TV's dead and gone
[C          C7             F        D]
I may be lonely, but I'm never alone
[          C-Am7             Dm7]
And the night   may pass me by
[G               F-C-C7-]
But I'll never cry

[  F          Em7          Am7]
 Take away, take away my eyes
[    Dm7                    G]
 Sometimes I'd rather be blind
[  F              Em7              Am7]
 Break a heart, break a heart of stone
[ Dm7                      G7sus-G7      C]
 Open it up but don't you leave it alone

[                   C7          F-Fm]
Cause that's all I got to give you
[C           C7                  F-Fm]
Believe me babe, it ain't been used
[C              C7]
My heart's a virgin
[       F                D]
It ain't never been tried
[         C-Am7         Dm7-G]
And you know,  I never cry
[         C-Am7         Dm7-G]
And you know,  I never cry
[         C]
And you know, you know, you know
[     Am7          Dm7-G]
You know, I never cry
[         (Ad lib)]
I never cry.

((AD LIB:)) [F-Em7-Am7-Dm7-G-]

(Repeat last 2 lines of Chorus)
(Repeat last stanza except last 3 lines)

[         F--C]
I never cry.