Here in my Heart

by: Tiffany
((INTRO:)) [F-Bb-C/A-Gm-C-]

[   Eb               Ab]
Sometimes, there's a time when
[                 Eb]
  you must say goodbye
[          Ab]
Though it hurs you must learn
[     Fm]
  to try
[   C#                     F#]
I know I've got to let you go
[       B               Fdim7]
But I know anywhere you go
You'll never be far
[ Gm]
'Cause like the light of a
  bright star
[             Ab]
You'll keep shining in my life
[ Csus]
You're gonna be right

[  F          Bb-Bb9-]
 Here in my heart
 That's where you'll be
 You'll be with me
[  F                Bb]
 Here, here in my heart
[      Am            Gm7]
 No distance can keep us apart
[                 C]
 Long as you're here in my

[     Eb       Ab]
Won't be any tears falling
[             Eb]
  from these eyes
[           Ab]
Cause when love's true, love
[        Fm]
  never dies
[    C#]
It stays alive forever
[F#           B/Eb]
Time can't take away what we
[     Fdim7]
[               Gm]
I will remember our time
[         Ab]
You may think our time is
But I'll still have you

(Repeat CHORUS)

[Ab            Bb          Eb]
I know you'll be back again
[    Csus      C, D/F#]
And till then my love is

(Repeat CHORUS moving chords frets (G) higher)

[G-C                  Em]
Long as you're in my heart
[D          G    C]
Here in my heart
Long as you're here in my
[  Bm    Am]
[ D          G    A/G-C/G-Cm/G]
Here in my heart
[          G---- G]
Here in my heart