by: Lionel Richie
((INTRO:)) [Am-Am7/G-FM7- Am7/G,FM7 (2x)]

[     Am              Am7/G         FM7 Am7/G,FM7]
I've been alone with you inside my mind
[    Am                Am7/G]
And in my dream I've kissed your lips
[ FM7               Am7/G,FM7]
   a thousand times
[   Am               Am7/G           FM7  Am7/G,FM7]
I sometimes see you pass outside my door
[ Am  Am7(/G)     FM7                A]
Hello,     is it me you're looking for?

((REFRAIN 1:))
[      Dm                 G]
I can see it in your eyes
[      C                   F]
I can see it in your smile
[       Bb             Eaug/Ab,E/Ab]
You're all I've ever wanted
[           Am   G/B  Am, G/B]
 (and) my arms are open wide
[           Dm                  G]
Cause you know just what to say
[         C                  F]
And you know just what to do
[       Bb            Eaug/Ab, E/Ab      (Intro)]
And I want to tell you so much, I love you

[   Am              Am7/G           FM7  Am7/G,FM7]
I long to see the sunlight in your hair
[    Am                Am7/G]
And tell you time and time again
[FM7           Am7/G,FM7]
 how much I care
[   Am                Am7/G        FM7  Am7/G,FM7]
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
[ Am- Am7/G        FM7              A]
Hello,  I've just got to let you know

((REFRAIN 2:))
[         Dm                G]
Cause I wonder where you are
[        C             F]
And I wonder what you do
[           Bb              Eaug/Ab,E/Ab]
Are you somewhere feeling lonely
[       Am      G/B    Am G/B]
Or is someone loving you?
[        Dm               G]
Tell me how to win you heart
[     C                F]
For I haven't got a clue,
[    Bb             Eaug/Ab,E/Ab hold]
But let me start by saying...
[        (Intro)]
I love you

((AD LIB:)) (First Stanza Chords)

(Repeat Refrain 2 except last word)
[       Am-Am7/G-FM7-Am7/G-FM7, A]
  ... you