Goodbye and I Love You

by: The Carpenters

((INTRO:)) [ E-A-E-E-Ebm-C#m-C#m-B-A]

[          F#m    B       E]
I have something to tell you
[       E7              A  F#]
And I know it won't be easy
[             B           E]
I've been thinking these past few days
[    C#m      B      A     Bsus]
It might be time to leave
[               E     A]
You're like a stranger
[        E         A]
Than you're a lover
[          C#m]
Never the same
[B      A  E    F#    B]
Always hard to believe

[     D               E]
I'm caught between goodbye
[       A]
And I love you
[ F#m         B             E]
Never knowing quite where I stand
[     F#m]
I'm caught between goodbye
[       E]
And I love you
[ Ebm     C#m       F#7       B]
Falling both ways nowhere to land
[    A]
So constantly stranded
[   E          Ab7]
I can't understand it
[      C#m                B     A]
This double life you've handed me
[            F#m           B]
Is like the devil and the deep
[      E    E-Ab7-C#m-B-A]
  blue sea

[        F#m  B    E]
If we go on much longer
[        E7               A   F#7]
If my doubts grow any stronger
[       B           E]
Then I may have to let you go
[   C#m    B      Bsus4]
If only to survive
[            E   A]
Give me a reason
[                   E    A]
Why should I stay here!
[             C#m]
I've tried so hard
[B        A     E     F#  B]
Just to keep love alive

(Repeat CHORUS)