Girl I'm Gonna Miss You

by: Milli Vanilli

((INTRO:)) [A-E-]

I know from the start you would
  break my heart
But still I have in play this
  painful part
You wrap me round your little
  ditty finger
With your magic smile
You kept me hanging on a lover's
  cross awhile
You put your spell on me
[A       E]
I got away but there was nothin'
  I could do to make you stay
I'm gonna miss you.
All the love I feel for you
Nothing could make me change
[         E]
  my want of you oh girl (girl)
[         E, E6, E7, E]
I'm gonna miss you, baby

Giving all the love I feel 
  for you
Couldn't make you change your
[                       A     D,A-Bm,A/C#]
  point of view, you're leaving
Now I'm sittin' here wasting
  my time
I just don't know what I should
[  E--]

[A   Bm  A]
It's a tragedy for me to see
[               E]
  the dream is over
[      Bm]
And I never will forget the
[ A/C#]
  day we met
[D              F#m   E]
Girl, I'm gonna miss you.

((INTERLUDE:)) [A-E-Bm-A/C#-D,]
           [F#m, E--]
           [A--- A,E---A----A,E--]

Like a honeybee, you took the
  best of me
Now I can't erase these
Like a fairytale, you were so
You left a spot that's so 
  hard to heal
When you had a taste of
Back on earth can feel as 
  cold as ice
I'm gonna miss you
[           E]
I'm gonna miss you (I'm gonna
[ E,E6,E7,E]
  miss you) I miss you

(Repeat REFRAIN)
(Repeat CHORUS, 2x)