Foolish Beat

by: Debbie Gibson
((INTRO:))  [Am-G-F-C-]
        [Am-G-F- G (2x)]

There was a time when
[F                   Dm]
Broken hearts and broken dreams
[       E7]
  were over
There was a place where
[F                     Dm]
All you could do was wish on a
[              E7]
  four-leaf clover.
[    Am                  F]
But now is a new time, there's
  a new place
[       Dm]
Where dreams just can't come
[   E7]
[     F                 E7]
It started the day when I left
  you, oh

[Am                          G]
I (could/will) never love again
[                F    G]
The way I loved you (oh)
[Am                  G]
I could never cry again
[                   F]
Like I did when I left you
[     G             Am]
And then we said goodbye
[Am                  F]
Oh the look in your eyes just
[            G]
  left me beside myself
[              E7]
Without your heart (without
  your heart),
[F             Em    Dm]
I could never love again
[Em              F    G]
Now that we're apart.

Oh, when I was sorry
[F                  Dm]
It was too late to turn around
[                  E7]
(turn around) and tell you so
There was no reason
[F                    Dm]
There was no reason, just a
[                      E7]
  foolish beat of my heart.

(Repeat CHORUS)

[     Am]
Oh, can't you see I'm not
  foolin' about it?
Don't you see my tears are
[           F]
  fallin' down my face
[               Em    E7]
Since you went away? Hey,
Break my heart, you slipped
[     G]
And didn't know I was wrong
Never meant to hurt you now
[          E7]
  you're gone.

((AD LIB:))
[G-F-  G     Am-G-F]
[      F        F     G  Am]
  Too-doo, doo-doo-doo

[ F               Em    Dm]
  I could never love again
[ Em            F    G   Am]
  Now that we're apart (now
[     G    Dm   Em  F]
    that we're apart)
[                Em    Dm]
  I could never love again
[ Em                F-G-C]
  Now that we're apart.