by: George Michael
((INTRO:)) [B---]

[B                          B]
Well, I guess it would be nice
If I could touch your body,
[            E]
I know not ev'ry body
[                    B]
Has got a body like you, ooh.

[                   B]
But I gotta think twice
Before I give my heart away,
[           E]
And I know all the games you play
[                     B]
Because I play them, too.

((REFRAIN 1:))
[            E]
 Oh, but I need some time off
[         B]
   from that emotion
[ E]
 Time to pick my heart up off
[        B]
   the floor
[                E]
 Oh, when that love comes down
[        Abm]
   without devotion
[           C#m]
 Well, it takes a strong man,
[          F#]
 But I'm showin' you the door

[                            B]
 ('Cause/Yes) I gotta have faith
 (Um) I gotta have faith,
 Because I got to have faith
   (fa-faith, fa-faith)
 I got to have faith, fa-faith,
[            break]
   fa-faith, ah

[1st stanza chords]
Baby, I know you're asking me
  to stay
Stay, please-please-please
  don't go away
You say I'm givin you the blues
Maybe,huh, you mean ev'ry word
  you say
I can't help but think of 
And another who tied me down
  doin' lover boy blues.

((REFRAIN 2:))
[ (Refrain 1 chords)]
 Before this river becomes an
 Before you throw my heart back
   on the floor
 Oh-hoh baby, I'll consider my
   foolish notion
 Well, I need someone to hold me
 But I wait for somethin' more

(Repeat CHORUS)

((AD LIB:)) [B-E-B- ;(2x)]

(Repeat REFRAIN 2)
(Repeat CHORUS)