Everytime You Go Away

by: Paul Young
((INTRO:)) [F-Fm7-Bb- C7sus-C7 (2x)]

[                        Am7]
Hey, if we can solve any problem
[Bb                           C]
Then why do we lose so many tears
[F        Am7]
Oh, so you'll go again
[Bb                     C]
When the leading man appears

Aways the same thing
Can't you see it?
[           Bdim7]
We've got ev'rything
[                   (F)]
Goin' on and on and on.

[F                   Dm7]
  (Oh) Ev'rytime you  go away
[Gm7                   C]
  You take a piece of me with you
[    F-Fm7-Bb--C7sus-C7]

[F           Am7]
Go on and go  free, hey
[Bb                        C]
Maybe you're too close to see,
[F                    Am7]
I can feel your body move.
[Bb                        C]
Doesn't mean that much to me.

I can't go on
Singin' the same thing.
(Just/Cause baby) can't you see?
[          Bdim7]
We've got ev'rything

[                         F]
(Baby, even though, you know)
(Going on and on and on)

(Repeat CHORUS except 'Ooh')

((AD LIB:)) [F-Fm7-Bb--C7sus-C7-(2x)]

(Repeat 4th stanza)
(Repeat CHORUS except 'Ooh' 3x, fade)