Dancing With Myself

by: Billy Idol
((INTRO:)) [E--]

[         E]
At the floors of Tokyo
[             A]
Or down in London town's ago-go
[               B]
Oh, with the record selection
  and the mirror reflection
[     A]
I'm dancin' with myself.

[                 E]
Oh, when there's no one else
  in sight
[             A]
Out in the crowded, lonely
[         B]
Well, I lived so long for my
  love vibration
[          A]
And I'm dancin' with myself oh

[ E]
Dancin' with myself, oh oh
[ A]
Dancin' with myself
[              B]
When there's nothing to do
Besides there's nothing to
[           A]
Well, I'm dancin' with myself
[  E]
  oh oh oh oh

[(Do 1st Stanza Chords)]
(Well) If I looked all over
  the world
And there's every type of girl
But she reckons that I see time
  pass me by
Leave me dancin' with myself

[(Do 1st Stanza Chords)]
So let's sip another drink
'Cause it'll give me time to
If I had the chance I'd ask the
  world to dance
Then I'll be dancin' with myself
  oh oh

(Repeat CHORUS)

[           A]
  Oh oh oh oh
[           B]
  Oh oh oh oh

((AD LIB:))
  [B-E- 3x)]

(Repeat 3rd &   4th Stanzas)
(Repeat 1st &   2nd lines of CHORUS)

[     B]
If I had the chance, I'd ask the
  world to dance
(Repeat last line 2x)

Chord pattern: [E-A-]

  (Oh oh oh oh) (12x)
  Dancin' with myself(6x)
  Sweat.. oh (Fade)