Break It To Me Gently

by: Angela Bofill

((INTRO:)) [C(9)-C(9)(/E)-FM7-C(/G)-G-]

[         C(9),C    CM7    G]
Did you think that your smile
[FM7                       (F,G)]
Could hide what's on your mind?
[Am           D7(sus)    D7]
No matter how I     tried
[        Dm7            Dm7(/G),G]
I just couldn't be so blind.
[      C(9)  C]
We've been close but people
[  CM7,C]
[FM7                     (F,Em)]
And they sometimes grow apart
[Am               D7(sus)]
There's just one thing I ask
[  D7]
[Dm7(9)          Dm7(9)(/G)   G]
If you've had a change of heart

[       F              G(/F)]
(And) break it to me gently,
[          Em7]
If ya have to, then tell me
[  A7(sus),A7]
[Dm7             Dm7(/G), G]
Break it to me gently,
[         CM7              Gm7, C7]
At least leave me with my pride
[ F               G(/F)]
Trust me and my feelings
[         Em7       A7(sus), A7]
If the feeling have to die
[ Dm7            F]
Break it to me gently
[       Dm7  G         (Intro)]
If you have to say goodbye.

[        C(9)  C     Cm7, C]
I'm not ashamed to admit
[F             (F,G)]
I really hurt inside
[Am             D7(sus)    D7]
After all these are my feelings
[Dm7                    Dm7(/G),G]
Why should I make them hide?
[  C(9)  C      CM7    C]
But I won't hold you back
[    FM7]
There'll be no pulling on your
[    (F, Em)]
[Am          D7(sus) D7]
Just let me down   easy,
[Dm7(9)         Dm7(9)(/G) G]
And go softly when you    leave

(Repeat CHORUS Except Last Word)
[       C(9), C, CM7, C]

[        Am             Em7]
You always knew that you had
  my heart
[      Gm7     C7]
It's still yours if you wanna
[  F   (G)]
  take it.
[            Am   Em7]
But when you go, as I know
  you must
[  F      D7(F#)      G      Ab]
Be gently with your breaking

(Repeat CHORUS Except Last Word)
Move 1 Fret Higher
[       Bbm   Eb7(sus)-Eb7-]

[ Ebm7          F#]
Break it to me gently
[       Ebm7    Fm7  F#M7,Ab7(sus)]
If you have to say
[    C#(9)  C#(9)/F)-F#M7-Ab7(sus)]
[  Ab7-Bb(9)]